With the passage of the Cannabis Act in 2018, Canadians can now have access to recreational cannabis products legally. There can be debates about the use of marijuana, but CBD oil, which is known to provide many medical benefits, the use is generally accepted. If you are wondering where to buy cbd oil canada, below are the top online stores in 2023.

Best Online Stores for CBD Oil

1. CBDNorth

One of the most trustworthy online sellers of CBD oil in Canada is CBDNorth. They offer full-spectrum products, which means no THC present.  CBDNorth states that their CBD oil products come from local hemp farms in Canada and that all are totally free from artificial flavors. If the amount you’ve purchased is over $99, the shipping will be free.

One of the best highlights when a customer purchases their products is their CBD assistance program. This aims to guide first-time buyers in the world of CBD and offer transparent and beneficial information. The brand’s disadvantage though is not having a subscription package.

2. CBDMagic

CBDMagic became a popular online store for CBD oils because of the plenty of affordable options available. But the best feature of this brand is customer service. With over 20 years of experience and counting, CBDMagic knows how to encourage potential buyers with its well-organized product catalogs and efficient refund procedures.

Furthermore, you can buy the subscription plans and get a chance to obtain a special discount. Products purchased that amount to over $50 will be entitled to free shipping. The only drawback is that their customer care is available only on weekdays.

3. CBD2Heal

If you are looking for a store that offers abundant premium CBD oil products, then CBD2Heal may be the one for you. They offer CBD goods of high quality, which all are made in Canada. The greatest aspect of the store is the attractive and reliable refund policy. Another good thing is that they have a program wherein you can be an affiliate.

4. ResolveCBD

ResolveCBD is a Toronto-based company that offers CBD products to pets also. For every item you purchase, you can earn points through their Rewards Program. You can redeem the earned points in order to get discounts on future purchases. However, the best part is their 20% deduction if you opt-in subscribing for automatic reorders.

5. CBD Oil Canada

As one of the most popular online sellers of CBD products, CBD Oil Canada seems to be on top of their game. Not only do they offer a wide variety of products besides CBD oil, but they also provide great blog content for educating potential customers. The disadvantage though of having too many brands is that the details for each of them can be lacking.

Canada seems to have many reliable online stores for CBD Oil even before the Cannabis Act was passed. As long as you are in Canada, there is no problem in ordering the CBD product that you like. The aforementioned brands can cater to your needs anytime.

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