Cannabis Industry Ready for a Re-Evaluation Three Years After Legalization

Canada was one of the first nations to legalize CBD oils for industrial, recreational, and domestic uses. The law was put to action in October 2018. Ever since the Canadian cannabis market has experienced its highs and lows in terms of profit and market control.
The government is set to begin the review of the legislation overseeing cannabis legalization. While many are optimistic about the outcome and hope that the review will start new dawn in the cannabis industry, some only see a high chance of failure and inevitable mistakes. Here’s a …

How to Get Best Effects from Vaping CBD Oil?

Although most CBD vape juices like this are manufactured with food-grade components and are okay to eat, not every cannabidiol product can be inhaled, as certain items are only for oral use.
So, to ensure you are buying the appropriate CBD oil, check out this article about the things to consider before using CBD products.
Measure your CBD dose
The first phase in effectively vaping CBD is determining how much to consume and which grade to purchase.
When it comes to choosing CBD doses, there are several elements to consider. This comprises your body…

Camping With Cannabis

There are select regions that allow cannabis for recreational use. This means that smoking marijuana is treated with the same regard as drinking beer. Also, such activity can be fun in most gatherings like camping wherein you can have the time of your lives while getting high.
Camping with cannabis is unlike smoking a joint in your friend’s house. For starters, you are in the outdoors where access to the hospital might take hours of driving. Aside from that, there is a possibility that phone signals are low and none has the right skill for a medical emergency among your companions.
The key to avoiding any misfortune caused …

The Environmental Impact Of Cannabis Cultivation

The legalization of cannabis use includes the total approval of its production. One may think that it seems like an incentive to grow plants as it adds more ‘green’ to the environment.
Unfortunately, that is not the case for now since most existing producers, whether a large company or a simple garden grower, uses methods of growing that involve a lot of electricity usage.
There are countless cannabis growers who build indoor gardens, especially in the urban setting. While it may sound ‘environmental’, most of them want to protect their merchandise, and so they prefer to grow within the walls and use devices that …

5 Simple Ways to Be a Sustainable Cannabis Consumer

Now that cannabis is part of the allowed consumable products in select countries, the challenge now is sustainability. Just like in every business, there is a need to continue the cycle of producing and consuming as long as it can.
One enemy of that is the waste being created along the process and its lack of management. In order to contribute as a consumer, you can try these 5 simple ways.
Purchase cannabis from a local store
Choosing to purchase cannabis from distant stores even if you have good quality ones nearby means that there is transportation involved. Any fuel-driven vehicle working is already a contributor…