Does Cannabis Keep You Young

As cannabis is being reported to have more benefits than harmful effects, it wouldn’t be a surprise if people think it’s for stress relief. Stress is what generally ages people faster than their actual age. Your mind will be filled with negativity and your body will also adhere to the mindset.
When you use cannabis, whether by smoking, eating, or applying topically, the chemical compounds will stimulate your endocannabinoid system. It will then release substances that promote relaxation, causing the body to feel stress-free. It is perfect for people suffering from mild mental problems, sleeping problems, and pain intolerance….

How to Taste Pair Food With Cannabis

When someone thinks of consuming cannabis, what usually comes to mind is smoking a joint. Of course, after decades of stigma and depiction in the media, people who want to try cannabis only know smoking as a way to harness the benefits. However, little do people know that it can also be paired with food.
Literally, cannabis can be an ingredient of a meal or a condiment. Cannabis products produced nowadays can be versatile as they provide a distinct aroma and flavor. To maximize your options in pairing cannabis, here are a few of the usually available flavors and their ideal situations:
Some of the notable …

Blind Cannabis Tasting: Smoke Like Cannabis Connoisseur

Testing cannabis products is not for the faint of heart. You will actually smoke the joints as if you are eating a dessert. If you wish to be a cannabis connoisseur, you have to give more than just a casual description.
Visual Appraisal
Observe the colors and shapes of cannabis. For a better look, you can use a 60-times magnifying mini-microscope. Check out the trichomes’ colors and the shape of the stalks to determine whether the cannabis is handled well or not.
Fragrance Assessment
By pinching the bud, inhale the fragrance deeply and take some reference for comparison. Inspect for discoloration or mold …

You’ve Grown It, Now Own It: How to Master Drying Curing Cannabis

Now that cannabis for recreational use is legal in Canada, farming your own marijuana and preparing to sell them is one good business idea. After growing the plant, the next stages prove to be the most important part so it can become a consumable product: drying and curing.
Drying basically means reducing the majority of water content in the plant. However, this can be very difficult since a miscalculation in judgment can result in having dead leaves instead of dried leaves. Meanwhile, curing is a necessary process after drying in order to prepare it for the consumer.
To achieve the perfect drying procedure, …