Testing cannabis products is not for the faint of heart. You will actually smoke the joints as if you are eating a dessert. If you wish to be a cannabis connoisseur, you have to give more than just a casual description.

Visual Appraisal

Observe the colors and shapes of cannabis. For a better look, you can use a 60-times magnifying mini-microscope. Check out the trichomes’ colors and the shape of the stalks to determine whether the cannabis is handled well or not.

Fragrance Assessment

By pinching the bud, inhale the fragrance deeply and take some reference for comparison. Inspect for discoloration or mold in the interior.

Listening Party

In large tasting events, don’t influence other’s judgment on the flavor. The aroma can spread the room, and later on, you will find it more than it was earlier.

Grind Time

Grind the bud carefully for preparation to be rolled in a joint.

Cure Assessment Upon Rolling Paper

Roll the ground bud on high-quality rolling paper. As you do, take a final assessment if the curing makes the product dry, sticky, damp, or greasy.

Flavor Savoring

Take a big puff of the unlit joint and savor the flavor.

Smoking Test

Light it up, smoke the joint, and exhale slowly. Check its effect on your lungs, mouth, and nose. Also, check the ash’s color. If it is fine white, it is pure, but if it is black, it indicates the presence of contaminants.

Feeling The Hit

As you enjoy the hit, take note of your physical reactions. Then, describe your metaphysical stimulation.

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