Canada, as of last October, has now joined Uruguay and a number of American states for the legalization of recreational cannabis. The Cannabis Act has granted Canadians access to recreational cannabis, including how it can be produced, distributed, and sold. The Act provides all details regarding the limits of medical and recreational cannabis.

It does create a great shift in the medical scene and a change of perspectives regarding the use of cannabis. However, there will always be growing pains, and with the developments, loopholes are to be explored and remedied. Shady patients who claim that they need to purchase cannabis for therapy can now get access by justifying for recreational use.

This means that the same individuals can get cannabis without legitimate medical consultation. It will pose a dilemma to the medical community if complications and unwanted consequences can arise from the potential abuse.

Another potential problem is the shortage of supply due to stockpiling. Now that the number of consumers has greatly increased, there will be great challenges ahead for logistics.

One positive thing to point upon the Cannabis Act’s passage is the recognition of nurses and health professionals in their roles of offering cannabis to patients as treatment. Certain measures are ready to be implemented such as education and training.

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