One of the great benefits of using cannabis is for curing insomnia. The effects can trigger your endocannabinoid system to enable your body to feel relaxed. If you are trying to solve your insomnia with cannabis, here are some suggested strains that might be useful.

Big Wreck

This is a combination of the strains Big Bud and Trainwreck. It is formulated to provide an uplifting feeling which is perfect for facing a busy day. Use this when you intend to unwind with movies before drifting to sleep.

Northern Lights

It is a classic strain which is perfect if you’re looking to obtain pleasant dreams.

Blackberry Kush

If your sleeplessness is due to discomfort from chronic pain, then this strain is suitable for you. Plus, it has a pleasant taste to it.


It is a heavy sedative with a guarantee to trigger your euphoric feelings.


A combination of North American and White Rhino strains, this strain can make you go dreaming before you are even aware of it.

Granddaddy Purple

This classic strain is highly psychoactive and can help relax the muscles.

Platinum OG

It is an aesthetically pleasing strain that’s guaranteed to provide rejuvenation.

Critical Kush

If you want a spicy kick while providing relaxation, then this is perfect.

Monster Cookies

Aside from giving a calming effect, this strain also has a grape flavor.


With a THC content of 20 percent, this packs a powerful punch enough to knock your insomnia out.

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