Arthritis is defined as a collection of painful symptoms in the joints accompanied by swelling and stiffness. When it strikes, expect that your range of motion to decrease. The cause of this is usually nutrient deficiency and lack of exercise.

If you want to eliminate arthritis, the most common remedy is a painkiller. Painkillers like opiates can do the job, but limitations can arise. Arthritis can be recurring, especially during cold weather or extreme fatigue, and the dosage for opiates will just increase as the frequency of usage also increases. This will be impractical in the long run.

The good thing is that cannabis has qualities that can help manage arthritis. This is due to the presence of chemicals such as CBD that enhance pain tolerance and promote speedy recovery. Cannabis products can be available in various forms like edibles and topical creams. The best thing is that in every episode of arthritis, the dosage doesn’t have to be increased.

Since arthritis is not an internal issue, cannabis topicals are seen to be more effective than edibles. With an ample amount of the cream, you can apply it to the surface of the affected part and wait for it to take effect. Usually, the sensation is similar to applying ointments and menthol.

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