As cannabis is being reported to have more benefits than harmful effects, it wouldn’t be a surprise if people think it’s for stress relief. Stress is what generally ages people faster than their actual age. Your mind will be filled with negativity and your body will also adhere to the mindset.

When you use cannabis, whether by smoking, eating, or applying topically, the chemical compounds will stimulate your endocannabinoid system. It will then release substances that promote relaxation, causing the body to feel stress-free. It is perfect for people suffering from mild mental problems, sleeping problems, and pain intolerance.

However, are the effects enough to keep one young-looking?

Let’s take a look at the existing skincare products that promote ‘anti-aging. It is found out that these products contain antioxidants which are substances that inhibit oxidation which basically slows down physical aging. Cannabis has a major compound called CBD which is also an antioxidant.

This discovery opens doors for the possibility of using CBD-based products for future anti-aging methods. However, it seems that things are just happening too fast, and the best course of action is to study it further until all arrive at the same conclusion.

Plus, future products containing CBD are subjected to the current laws of a region, if cannabis is legal or not yet.

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