When you start to take in something, there will be a point where the feeling is less likable. You eat a delicious meal every day, and then, it will be just normal food for you. Taking medicines such as antibiotics more than usual will often lead to needing even higher dosages.

When consuming cannabis, you will immediately fall in love with its benefits. You’ll start making it a habit, but later on, you can observe that you are getting addicted. This forces you to need a higher dose since you felt that what you had “was not enough”.

It can’t be helped since the body is getting used to it and the ‘shock’ value that provides you with the feeling of excitement suddenly dwindled down due to familiarity. If ever you come across that, it is time for you to have a ‘tolerance break’. What tolerance break means is taking a time off from consuming cannabis.

In other words, you are on a diet. The best way to abstain is to do it gradually, and you will be the one to decide when to restart your ‘usual’ routine. Remember that the purpose of tolerance break is to prevent moving the habit forward with an alarming increase of dosage.

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