Cannabis may have been legalized, but there is no denying the obvious: it gets you high. That fact has been the basis of any argument that categorizes cannabis as an illegal drug alongside cocaine and meth. However, due to plenty of studies over the decades, the lighter side of cannabis is displayed more.

With that being said, anyone is prone to consuming it irresponsibly, and the worst of it all, it is allowable similar to being intoxicated by alcohol. Although things seem to be fun at the stage of getting high, it definitely attracts trouble and judgment will be easily clouded.

If you have a friend getting high on cannabis, here’s how to help them:

  1. Stop them from further consumption immediately. You only have to let the high pass by.
  2. Avoid panicking if your friend starts to freak out. Tone down the energy by giving him/her a glass of water and direct him/her with breathing exercises.
  3. If the high makes him/her appear drowsy, help him/her to position properly for sleeping.
  4. Try some distractions that lessen their overstimulation like watching movies.
  5. To counteract the effects of THC from cannabis, try to use CBD-based products.

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