Now that cannabis is part of the allowed consumable products in select countries, the challenge now is sustainability. Just like in every business, there is a need to continue the cycle of producing and consuming as long as it can.

One enemy of that is the waste being created along the process and its lack of management. In order to contribute as a consumer, you can try these 5 simple ways.

Purchase cannabis from a local store

Choosing to purchase cannabis from distant stores even if you have good quality ones nearby means that there is transportation involved. Any fuel-driven vehicle working is already a contributor to pollution.

Try growing your own

If cannabis is allowed to be consumed in your area, surely it is legal to grow your own. Of course, you need the necessary know-how for this, but having your own garden means there are less natural resources utilized.

Dispose of vape waste accordingly

Vape pens using cannabis products as juice are common. After usage, many can be tempted to discard the cartridges that contain different toxins for the environment. Dispose of them accordingly and prefer to use refillable vapes, if possible.

Smoke sustainably

The more you smoke, the more cannabis products are needed to produce. You can help lessen it by smoking not out of habit only.

Purchase certified clean, green cannabis products

Before purchasing, do some relevant research about the product’s certifications.

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