There are select regions that allow cannabis for recreational use. This means that smoking marijuana is treated with the same regard as drinking beer. Also, such activity can be fun in most gatherings like camping wherein you can have the time of your lives while getting high.

Camping with cannabis is unlike smoking a joint in your friend’s house. For starters, you are in the outdoors where access to the hospital might take hours of driving. Aside from that, there is a possibility that phone signals are low and none has the right skill for a medical emergency among your companions.

The key to avoiding any misfortune caused by cannabis usage is moderation. You can enjoy the plant in many ways: edibles, topicals, joints. You can feel rejuvenated on top of relaxing with a nearby forest and a sky full of stars. However, overconsumption can attract danger even at times you are not expecting it.

Try camping with a friend so that there is someone who can help you in times of emergency. Also, if you are camping in high-altitude locations, remember that smoking can affect your lungs, disrupting your breathing. Like mentioned, moderation is key.

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