The legalization of cannabis use includes the total approval of its production. One may think that it seems like an incentive to grow plants as it adds more ‘green’ to the environment.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for now since most existing producers, whether a large company or a simple garden grower, uses methods of growing that involve a lot of electricity usage.

There are countless cannabis growers who build indoor gardens, especially in the urban setting. While it may sound ‘environmental’, most of them want to protect their merchandise, and so they prefer to grow within the walls and use devices that substitute sun, air, and rain.

Fortunately, in states where cannabis is legal like in California, traditional farming is being encouraged.

This means that sun-grown method is openly acceptable and growers are also being protected. There are studies that illustrate the effectiveness of sun-grown method as it makes the cannabis plants significantly better.

As this encouraged activity proves to be beneficial for the cannabis industry, it seems the prohibition of the plant by most regions can be one main reason why growers lean on non-environment-friendly methods.

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